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210,212Classique Sculpture Tool61
402-40610” Wood Tools64
8A1-8H88” Double Wire End Tool59
8R1-8R78” Ribbon Tools35,58
A2Cleanup Tool8,14
A3NLace Tool13,15,29
A3RLace Tool15,29
ABLace Tool15,29
AL8-AL12Aluminum Calipers5
B3Cleanup Tool14,39
BASBasic Tool28,64
BBCleanup Tool8,14
BKCeramist Beginner14
BSL,BSSBall Stylus’s26,52
BTC1-2Brush And Tool Caddies51,56
C3,C4Embossing Spindles36
CA1OHardwood Caliper5
CBCleaning Block43,57
CBBHCeramic Bead Bar13
CCUnbleached Cheesecloth51,52,54
CDCTClay Devil Centering Tool2
CDLClay Devil Legs2
CDW,CDWLCTClay Devil Potter’s Wheel & Set2,37
C010-C505Cemit® Polymer Clay32,33
CERNIT-BSCernit® Basic Set33
CHJCone Holders, Junior13
CHSCone Holders, Standard13
CLS,CLS-AClay Lift Sets10,16,35,40
COHCut-Out Tool, Heavy Duty8,17,42
CORCut-Out Tool8,17,42
CTK7Ceramic Tool Kit14
CUBCleanup Brush20,40,56
D1-D106 Double-Wire End Tools59
DSS6 Double-Wire End Tool Set59
DBGreenware Duster Brush19,40,55
DBS-DBSSDouble Ball Stylus’s26,36,39,52
DCL,DCSDetail Carving Tools15,28,34,38
DDSCDDesigner Dot Sets27,49,53
DDSDKDesigner Dot Sets27,49,53
DDSP4Designer Dot Sets27,49,53
DDSXMASDesigner Dot Sets27,49,53
DESDoll Eye Setter41
DG1Texturing Brush11,20,27
DMC-1Darwi Modeling Compound11,37,50,57
*Armature Pliers45
*Doll Head Buttons45
*Doll Bear Joints45
*Doll Cernit Polymer Clay45
*Doll Coil-Mates45
*Doll Eye Setter45
*Doll Head Connectors45
*Doll Head Pates45
*Doll Hooks45
*Doll Shoulder Plate Connectors45
*Doll Stringing Tools45
*Doll Why Not String Kit45
DPCDeep Cleaner8,14
DR2-DR6Drilling Tools17
DTADipping Tongs10,22
ECCElastic Cotton Cord45
ELPElement Pins13
ELSElement Staples13
ESO-ES6Doll Eye Sizers30,41
ESS1,ESS2Doll Eye Sizer Sets41
F96,F97Fettling Knives7,19,40
FCRFlower Clay Roller23,49
FFTKFaux Finish Tool Kit54
FPC1Flower Petal Cupper Set30,48
FPSC-FPSMFoam Porcelain Sanders21,44
FRH-FRSSFinish Rubbers5,40
FT451-FT453Taxidermist Fleshing Tools61
FTBFeather Texture Brush11,20,27
FW11-FW32Heavy Duty Sculpting Tools61
FWPL,FWPSFluid Writer36,52
GBCGlaze & Bisque Cutter17
GCKGreenware Cleaning Kit14
GFFO1-GF3Greenware Files20,44,57
GMGolden Mushroom21,44,57
GPL,GPSGold Pens12,22,52
GPSCGold Pen Stem Cleaner52
GSF,GSPGrizzly Sanding Pads21,44,57
GSQGrizzly Sanding Square20,44,57
HB1Hake Brush12,55
HC1-HC4Hole Cutters8,18,25
HCP1,HCP2Hole Cutter Punches7,18,25
HCS1-HCS4Square Hole Cutters7,18,25
HM1,HM2Handle Makers9
HTS,HTWHigh Temperature Wire10,42
IPKAA-IPKOOChildren’s Klay Pen Kits46
IFPTPChildren’s Klay Finger Puppet Kits47
ISRC3,ISRC5Curved Rakes62
ISRS3-ISRS6Straight Rakes62
ISSA-ISSEIndustrial Scrapers63
ISW38114-ISWJN112Industrial Wire Tools63
JA4-JA104Imported Wood Modeling Tools65
JASImported Wood Modeling Tool Set30,65
JPsJohnson Primary Sculpting Tool28,39
K20Recess Smoother15,28
K2 1Lace Tool15
K23,K24Cleanup Tools14,39
K25Incising Tool15
K26Finger Tool15,28,38
K27Sgraffito Tool16
K31,K32Zig-Zag Saws17
K34Trimmer Knife7,19
K35Wire Clay Cutter3
K36Nylon Clay Cutter3
K45Klay Gun11,23,47
K45DKlay Gun Replacement Disk Set23,47
K45DSKlay Gun Screen Set23
K46Leaf Cutter Set31,48
K50Rose Cutter Set22,31,48
KDPKemper Decorator Pan50,53
KDS13,KDS24Kemper Decorator Set50,53
KDSPKemper Decorator Spatula50,53
KG-ABrilliant Liquid Gold12
KG-BBright Liquid Gold12
KQC280-KQC600Kemper Quick Cleaners21,44
KRSIRose Sticks50,53
KS41Small Flower Stick30
KSP1,KSP4Special Ribbon Tools59
KWGKemper White Glue
LFC,LFM,LFFLady Finger Tools38
LFTSLady Finger Tool Set34,38
LT1-LT8Loop Tools9,35
MDTMulti Drill17,41
MFTSMini Finger Tool Set34,38
MGLMorning Glory Set31,48
MKNMold Knives6,19,40
MR1-MR6Mini Ribbon Sculpting Tools35,58
MRSMini Ribbon Sculpting Set58
P2Plastic Palette Knife56
P41Palette Knife55
P47Palette Knife55
P5DPalette Knife55
PA-MINIMini Palette Knife55
PASPatching Spatula55
PBCSBrush Cleaner Sampler13,43,56
PC1F-PCSTRPattern Cutters24,25,47,48,53
PCBPorcelain Cleanup Brush20,40,55
PCNPotter’s Cut-Off Needle6,34,35,39
PHC,PHCSPerfect Hole Cleaners21
PL1-PL3Pot Lifts9
PNHPotter’s Needle, Heavy Duty6
PRONeedle Tool5,23,34,39
PT1-PT3Piercing Tools35
PTKPottery Tool Kit3
QKTQuilling Tool35
R1-R56 Ribbon Tools58
RSS6 Ribbon Tool Set58
RBOODouble 0 Rib3
RB1-RB8Potter’s Ribs4
RE2-RE4Ribbon Tools59
RK37,RK45Raku Tongs10
RS100,RS220Rubber Scrubbers 21,44,57
RTCRubber Texture Comb51,54
RUBITStencil Rub On Tool36
Si-S12Scrapers, Steel4
SA4,SA1OScrapers, Aluminum4
SBSlicing Blades26
SBRSaber Saw17
SBTSpatter Brush50,53
SBTLSpatter Brush, Large54
SCPDisposable Scalpel6,18,26,42
SKTScratch Knife Tool16
SKT12-SKT144Replacement Blades16
SLDScratch & Lift Duster16,40
SLTScratch & Lift Tool16
SLT12-SLT144Replacement Blades16
SMSStilt Mark Stones13
SPDSalt & Pepper Drill17
SPGSponge & Sponge Holder6,19,55
SPNStein Pin & Nuts Set13
SPRReplacement Sponge6,19,55
SSO,SSQLSoft Sanders21,43
STBSlip Trailing Bottle13
STCSSpray Tip Cleaner Set56
STHSculptor’s Thumb28,64
SWBScratch Wire Brush11,19,27
SWZSwizzle Stick
TGR2-TGR4Carbide Drill Bits16,41
TGRSCarbide Drill Bit Set41
TRMCommercial Trim Knife7,18
TS1,TS2Throwing Sticks3
TT1-TT5Turning Tools5
UKUtility Knife7,18,26,42
UKSUtility Knife, Soft Handle18,26,42
UKRUtility Knife Replacement Blades7,18,26,42
W1A-W56 Wire & Wood Tools60
W21-W265 Wire & Wood Tools60
WC3-WC15Children’s Wood Sculpting Tools49
WE8A-WE8E8 Wire And Wood Tools60
WTCEChildren’s Wood Sculpting Tool49
WG2Texturing Brush11,20,27
WLSWire Loop Sgraffito16,28,39
WOTWipe Out Tool12,22,43,52
WSWire Stylus16,38
WSPGWool Sea Sponge6,19,51,55
WT1-WT296 Wood Modeling Tools29,35,39,64